What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Classical Chinese Medicine incorporates the ancient texts, theories and meridian systems that comprised the foundation of this tradition prior to the formation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the predominant form found in the United States and China today.  Many of these texts and systems were lost when Communism came into China in the 20th century.  The Chinese government attempted to streamline the medicine in order to make it easier to teach and disseminateAt this time, Chinese Medicine became more "Westernized" by standardizing treatment methods and reducing the number of meridian systems that practitioners use.  This is the form of acupuncture that is now being taught in most Chinese Medicine schools.

Under the tutelage of such leaders in the field as Jeffrey Yuen, under whom we have studied, many acupuncturists are striving to reclaim the classics in order to utilize a more comprehensive form of this medicine.  Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, where we obtained our Masters Degrees, is one of the few Classical Chinese Medicine schools in the nation.  This return to the classics is equipping practitioners with a deeper knowledge of Chinese Medicine and providing more diverse tools with which to treat patients.  In addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have studied Primary Channel Theory, Luo, Sinew, Divergent and Eight Extraordinary Vessel Meridians, and Five Element Theory.  We are honored and excited to share Classical Chinese Medicine with the Lowcountry.

How many treatments should I receive?

Acute issues, such as pain, respond quickly and are typically resolved within one to three treatments.  A general rule of thumb for chronic or internal problems is four to six weekly treatments.  While patients often experience immediate relief after treatment, they may require care every other week or once per month for several months to sustain improvement.  The length of treatment needed depends largely on how long an issue has been present.  Changes in diet and lifestyle have great significance in the speed and longevity with which one's health improves. 
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Do you treat children?

Yes.  What better time to improve one's health than early in life?  We use a very gentle touch to insert acupuncture needles on children.  For those who are afraid of needles, we use essential oils, tuning forks, gua sha, acupressure, herbs and/or cupping.  Learn more about children's treatments on the Services page.

Do you perform acupuncture on animals?

No, only veterinarians who have received at least brief training in acupuncture may do so.

Should I tip for acupuncture?

Tipping is not necessary for acupuncture as this is a medical profession. Tips for massage are greatly appreciated.

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