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Where: Wildcraft, 38 Windermere Blvd, Charleston
Date: Monday, June 12
Time:  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $40

Join Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary’s Lisa Abernathy to discuss rituals and healthcare for summer! 

It’s getting hot out there, and your Fire element can feel it!  In Chinese Medicine, summer is related to the Heart and Small Intestine, considered Fire organs because of their yang nature, propensity for heat, and affinity for passion and relationships.  These organs have the ability to fill our lives with joy, connection, warmth and laughter.  If they fall out of balance and become too hot or lack warmth, however, one is likely to experience anxiety, lack of joy, disturbed relationships, troubled sleep, difficulty making decisions, palpitations, heat symptoms, and poor circulation.  Join us to learn how to nourish your heart and keep your cool during the hottest months of the year.  Discover how to make the most of this vibrant season through essential oils, body and skincare, acupressure points, diet and daily rituals – as well as how to boost your Fire element throughout the year. 

We’ll spend the latter part of this workshop discussing essential oils that are supportive of the Fire element and how they can help you keep your cool, calm anxiety, increase joy in your life, improve circulation, enhance peaceful sleep and make your heart happy!  Each participant will create her or his own essential oil roll on to use on acupuncture points that support these principles.  The night will conclude with a private shopping opportunity.  Reserve your spot by contacting Wildcraft: online, stop in or call (843) 619-7914.

Points & Poses: Summer & The Fire Element Workshop

Where: Community Yoga
Date: June 10th
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $35

Limited to: 18 participants

Join Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher, Ashlee Dixon for a unique experience where she will guide you through a heart-opening yoga flow followed by a community style mini-acupuncture treatment, while relaxing in savasana. In Chinese Medicine, Summer is the season of the Fire element and the associated organ systems are the Heart and Small Intestine. This is a time when Nature’s energy flourishes and blossoms and a great time to honor and enjoy these energetics in our own life.  In this abundant time of year we seek joy, passion and connection. Anxiety and insomnia are symptoms that can arise when the fire element gets out of balance. We will discuss how to nourish your heart and keep your cool during the hottest months of the year.

You will also be provided with a Fire element essential oil blend and a medicinal herbal tea to encourage a healthy Summer.

Chinese Medicine and Yoga are ancient systems that each bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit in their own unique ways. Let’s explore a deep level of collective healing as we combine the two.

Essential Oils and Home Care Tools for Little Ones:
Chinese Medicine Tips for Infants & Children

Where: Candlefish, 71 Wentworth Street, Charleston
Date: Sunday, August 6
Time:  2-3:30 pm
Cost: $55

Join Lisa Abernathy to learn simple, effective and gentle techniques to care for babies and children at home.  We'll discuss the basic principles of pediatric medicine according to Chinese Medicine, dietary therapy, acupressure, and gua sha and cupping - two manual techniques that are incredibly helpful for colds, flus, respiratory conditions and other ailments. Participants will enjoy hands-on gua sha and cupping practice.  We will then cover the best essential oils for kids, dilutions, carrier oils, top/middle/base notes, and safe applications.  Each participant will take home a gua sha spoon, cup, and an essential oil first aid kit (5 of the most used oils/blends) in a beautiful, handmade case.  Plus, participants will each get to make their own 5 ml therapeutic essential oil blend. (Kit and supplies valued at $65.)

Don't forget classes at Candlefish are B.Y.O.B. - bring your own beverage - glassware provided! Participants also enjoy 15% off shopping during class. Reserve your spot by contacting Candlefish: online, stop in, or call (843) 371-1434.


Ancient Chinese Practices to Beautify Your Skin

Where: Wildcraft, 38 Windermere Blvd, Charleston
Date: September (date coming soon!)
Time:  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $40

Enjoy a unique workshop with Lisa Abernathy on essential oils and Chinese medicine techniques you can use to enhance the health and beauty of your skin. We will discuss essential oils and carrier oils that are beneficial for your skin so you will better understand which products to purchase or make at home.  Then you will luxuriate in a self-facial using exquisite serums and balms from Wildcraft.  Lisa will explain and guide you through facial cupping and gua sha, and you will leave with a cup and gua sha set to use at home.  These effective, gentle, and easy-to-use manual techniques increase circulation to the skin, decrease wrinkles and discoloration, stimulate collagen, enhance lymphatic drainage, and give you a gorgeous glow.  The night will conclude with a private shopping experience.  Reserve your spot by contacting Wildcraft: online, stop in, or call (843) 619-7914.


A workshop for women who want to embrace their BEAUTY, REFINEMENT, FEMININITY & POWER as they move through the SHIFTING YEARS OF MENOPAUSE

Where: Wildcraft, 38 Windermere Blvd, Charleston
Date: Monday, November 13
Time:  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $45

Join Blue Heron's Ashlee Dixon and Lisa Abernathy, licensed acupuncturists, for an experiential workshop that supports women who seek an empowered and peaceful transition through their menopausal (and postmenopausal) years.  We will explore essential oils, diet, herbs and lifestyle advice to enhance one's health and decrease uncomfortable symptoms during this shifting time.  

The natural hormonal shift that occurs during menopause does not have to leave you feeling frustrated and isolated. There are ways to get through it without hot flashes, nightsweats, insomnia, weight gain and mood swings. We will explore how the ancient practices of Chinese Medicine can help you gracefully flow through this transition feeling your best and recognizing your powerful self.

In Chinese Medicine, menopause is the decline of yin (blood, fluids, essence, feminine energy). We also see a corresponding increase of yang (active, masculine energy). We will discuss way to nourish and preserve the yin while using this increase in yang energy as an inspiration to make changes, set boundaries and perhaps invite in a new perspective on life. 

During the latter portion of this workshop, participants will create a 2 oz essential oil facial elixir. Facial elixirs are a healthy, refreshing way to nourish your skin with rejuvenating antioxidants, cool hot flashes, decrease inflammation of the skin, and soothe irritation. Participants will also be provided with a medicinal herbal tea to nourish yin and essence. 

The night will conclude with a private shopping opportunity.  Reserve your spot by contacting Wildcraft: online, stop in or call (843) 619-7914.

We are very happy to announce that Blue Heron's own Ashlee Dixon has co-founded and is leading adventure retreats with MAHA Retreats.  

The five day, four night retreat in September will be a quest to pursue wholeness through immersion into the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage and Chinese Medicine - including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and essential oils.  Exploring and combining these practices with adventure, playfulness and live music while reconnecting with nature will guide us toward a deeper level of healing.  Acroyoga practice will awaken our playful nature and foster effective communication as well as trust with others.  Together, we will reflect on the power of the natural world while rediscovering joy and inspiration, grounding and connection, healing and renewal, gratitude and compassion.  We will celebrate the new moon and fall equinox and the coinciding transition of elements in Chinese Medicine.  From the Earth element, associated with Late Summer, we will move into the Metal element, associated with Autumn.

Crestone Mountain Zen Center is a Buddhist monastery set at 8,400 feet in southern Colorado.  It is nestled among the rugged 14,000 foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and surrounded by 240 acres of pinon pines and juniper forest.  The beauty and seclusion of the center's location paired with the simple, concentrated and nourishing atmosphere of the Zen monastic setting provide a special environment for contemplation, inquiry and reflection.  Reserve your spot for the next MAHA Retreat: September 18-22, 2017.

(No experience necessary.)

30 Day Meditation Challenge

Online, FREE

Our annual 30 Day Meditation Challenge begins November 1st.  Sign up here!

Do you ever crave slowing down?  Wonder why you're always feeling stressed and like you're giving 200%?  Want to bring mindfulness and gratitude into your daily life?  We invite anyone who would like to learn how to meditate or create a regular meditation practice to join us for this FREE challenge.

This is not a challenge as in a contest.  No one is keeping score; no one is judging you for how many meditations you do or don't do.  This is a challenge as in a "call" - to be more present, to know yourself better, to live more fully.  This is for you.

During the month of November, you will enjoy a daily email with a 10-20 minute meditation, health tips, recipes, art and reminders to embrace this moment.  This is a perfect time of year to take your stress level down a notch, be present in the moment with loved ones, and enhance gratitude in your life before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins.

We are grateful to our many friends who have contributed to this meditation challenge!