Conditions We Treat

Chinese Medicine treats practically anything and everything.  Rather than address a particular disease, this ancient medicine looks at patterns of imbalance within the body.  In this way, the healing system is fine-tuned to each individual.  Examples of disorders that can greatly benefit from acupuncture and herbal medicine include but are not limited to:

Adrenal Fatigue
Autoimmune Conditions
Back Pain
Cardiovascular Health
Chemotherapy Effects
Children's Health
Common Cold
Creative Slumps
Gastrointestinal Issues
Hypo-and Hyperthyroidism
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lack of Energy
Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual Disorders
Morning Sickness
Motivational Difficulties
Muscular Pain and Cramping
Night Sweats
Prostate and Testicular Health
Respiratory Conditions
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sexual Dysfunction
Stroke Recovery
Vision Trouble
Weight Issues

       and the list goes on!

Fertility and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be such an exciting time - looking through baby name books, planning nursery colors, dreaming of what this little person will be like, and sharing those dreams with loved ones.  But for those who have trouble conceiving or experience miscarriage, the experience is entirely different, often filled with fears and frustrations, insecurities and guilt, wondering what could have been done differently, and trying to decide what to do next.  On top of that, it's typically a very isolated experience, as we don't talk about the challenges of fertility and pregnancy very openly in our culture.

We are here to help, wherever you are on this spectrum. 

Chinese Medicine significantly increases your likelihood of becoming pregnant and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.  Read on to learn how we can improve your health during the different trimesters as well as before and after you have been pregnant.  Acupuncture also has tremendous impacts on the success of Assisted Reproductive Techniques, such as IVF and IUI.  

Not only do we work with you to help you achieve your health goals, we support you as a whole person.  This means offering a safe space for you to express your emotions about the process, nurturing your acceptance of yourself, and encouraging you to soften into the experience.

Using the Five Elements, Chinese Medicine supports pregnancy from conception through labor:
  • Conception - Water (Kidneys) and Metal (Lungs).  The Kidneys equate to the parents' DNA and sperm and egg health.  The Kidneys are the foundation of reproductive health.  The Lungs bring the "spark" that makes conception happen.  They invite divine or cosmic inspiration to meet with the jing, or DNA, of the parents to create a new life.  The Lungs relate to the breath in, welcoming new life, and the ability to let go via exhalation.
  • First Trimester - Earth (Spleen/Stomach).  Earth represents the digestive system.  The first trimester is all about nourishing mother and baby to support growth.  Earth also encourages the body to lift and hold the pregnancy.  Typical first trimester symptoms reflect the role of the Spleen and Stomach during this time - nausea, bloating, fatigue and mild cramping.
  • Second Trimester - Fire (Heart).  The second trimester is a great time to tone the cardiovascular system and nourish the spirit.  As the baby's nervous system is developing, it is beneficial for Mama to keep calm and collected.  Acupuncture can ease anxiety, improve sleep and reduce stress.  Strengthening circulation decreases swelling and pain.  The heat of Fire can lead to acid reflux and heartburn, also alleviated by acupuncture and herbs.
  • Third Trimester - Wood (Liver/Gallbladder).  As one approaches labor, it is time to get active!  The yang energy of Wood helps one get the body moving and ready to bring your little one into the world.  Treating the Liver and Gallbladder also eases pain and tension, including that of the back and hips.
  • Postnatal - After giving birth, it is important to replenish your body.  It has worked hard these past nine months and can use boosting to keep you healthy and strong.  Acupuncture is also great to improve your energy, sleep and mood during the ups and downs of having an infant. 

Acupuncture and Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders affect many individuals, posing daily physical and emotional challenges, sometimes to the point of disability. The spectrum of autoimmune disorders range from mild to severe, examples including allergies, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and lupus. Under normal physiological functioning, our immune system protects us against harmful and toxic substances like viruses and bacteria. In an autoimmune condition, however, the immune system has an inappropriate reaction against healthy cells and tissues and attacks the body. Consequently, autoimmune disorders affect the bones, joints, skin, blood, and organs. Doctors often will prescribe medications that provide symptomatic relief of inflammation and pain, as well as immunosuppressant drugs to control the immune system. Those with autoimmune conditions commonly experience fatigue and mental-emotional distress along with other physical symptoms.

As a holistic medicine, acupuncture is a very helpful ally in the treatment of autoimmune disorders because it addresses both the root of disease and the associated physical and emotional symptoms. In Chinese medicine, autoimmune disorders arise when patterns of disharmony in the body cause the immune system to act out of balance. The goal of acupuncture treatments is to bring the body back into balance, alleviate pain, and strengthen and regulate the immune system. For those on immunosuppressant drugs, acupuncture becomes an important adjunctive therapy to encourage healthy functioning of the immune system in the long-term. Acupuncture and herbal medicine also promote restful nights, which is essential for maintaining and restoring good health. Studies have shown that lack of sleep increases pro-inflammatory processes of the body that cause pain and inflammation, the major symptoms of autoimmune disorders. 

 In Classical Chinese Medicine, your practitioners may choose to work with the Divergent Meridians, a channel system that is especially helpful for autoimmune disorders. The name of this system speaks to exactly what it does: the meridians “divert”, or re-direct, pathogens away from attacking healthy cells and tissues. Using this meridian system protects the joints, bones, and organs from the autoimmune processes. In theory, the Divergent Meridians deal with our Wei Qi and our Yuan Qi. Wei Qi can be likened to our immune system, protecting and defending the body from disease and pathogens. Yuan Qi refers to our constitution, and the things that make up who we are: our DNA, genetics, and our vital organs. Working at the Wei Qi and Yuan Qi levels, the Divergent Meridians represent the process of autoimmune disorders, where the immune system (Wei Qi) acts out of balance and threatens the body’s organs and vitality (Yuan Qi). As a treatment option, the Divergent Meridians are a fascinating channel system and relate to the complex nature of autoimmune disorders.